23–25 of OCTOBER 2015


New Opera World is a competition of a new format. It is when an international competition grows into an international festival. The main goal of the contest is to support aspiring singers and musicians on their way to professional stage and to promote opera.

The competition winners are selected to take part in the Open opera festival called New Opera World. All competitors have the opportunity to gain priceless experience in live performance before a highly-professional audience and a start for entering the international competitive stages of a higher level.

The competition winners have the opportunity to have an audition of an opera agent of the “TACT Management” European company. The audition will take place right after the competition is over. You will get professional advice and hear the answers to your questions.

The following is guaranteed to every participant: comfortable conditions for rehearsals and performances, friendly atmosphere even during performances, an opportunity to attend consulting sessions and master-classes of the leading experts, video recording of your performance for a portfolio, an open system and a transparent prize fund.

An extremely competitive environment of the modern opera world has made it crucial and even obligatory to hold singing competitions and take part in them, while getting of a certificate is very prestigious and necessary for creation of a successful career – it is an advantage over your rivals! We offer every participant an opportunity to try his or her hand in a fair contest of the Open international competition for the opera singers called New Opera World.



Competition dates:

The 1st and 2nd rounds will be held on the 23d and 24th of October, 2015.

They will take place in a musical hall of the P.I. Jurgenson Musical Library located at the address Nicoloyamsky alley, 3a, build. 4 (between Chkalovskaya and Taganskaya-koltsevaya metro stations, on the Yauza River embankment).

The 3rd round - with the orchestra - will be held on the 25th of October (on Sunday) in the hall of the P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The hall has been provided with the support of Viktor Mikhaylovich Kaslin – a member of the academy, CEO of the Verdi opera community in Russia.

Address: 53 Leninskij Prospekt.

The applications must be submitted from 01/09/2015 to 16/10/2015



Participants of 18 – 38 years old can take part in the competition.


The following participants can take part in the competition: students, opera singers or graduates of the secondary or higher educational institutions (music school, college of music, academy of music, institute of music, choral higher institution, institution with music faculties, Master's degree program, doctoral degree program).

The competition is divided into two groups to make the appraisal of the participants even more objective:

The 1st group consists of the participants with specialized secondary education (schools, music colleges). The 1st group competitors have to prepare 2 arias plus a song or a romance. The participant chooses one aria ( their personal choice) for the first audition; the jury chooses aria or any other composition from the participants list during the second audition.

The 2nd group consists of the participants with higher education and certified graduates (institutes, academies, conservatories, Master's degree program, doctoral degree program, academic vocal faculties). The 2nd group competitors have to prepare 5 arias of their choice.



The competition is divided into two auditions for the first group and three auditions for the second group.

The 1st group:

1st round – an aria chosen by the participant (accompanied by the grand piano)

2nd round – an aria, a song or a romance chosen by the jury (accompanied by the grand piano)

The 2nd group:

1st round – an aria chosen by the participant (accompanied by the grand piano)

2nd round – an aria, a song or a romance chosen by the jury (accompanied by the grand piano)

3rd round – an aria chosen by the participant from the list (with an orchestra).


The list of the arias for the 3rd round can be downloaded here.


Every composition can be executed one time only. The arias have to be in their original language and original key and must be sung by heart.

The substitution of the compositions is allowed not later than the day of the audition.

The performance order is defined by the contest organizers and will be sent to all participants via E-mail not later than 17/10/2015!

We encourage participation with your own pianistt! The organizing committee offer pianists with the following rates:

500 Rubles for the first round.

300 Rubles for the second round.



NEW OPERA WORLD contest jury:

1. Clara Kadinskaya – an Honored Artist, professor, teacher of the Moscow State Conservatory P. I. Tchaikovsky

2. Olga  Mironova – an Honored Artist, vocal art Assistant Professor in The Russian University of Theatre Arts (GITIS)

3. Lev Morozovsky – an Honored art worker, conductor, vocal art Assistant Professor in The Russian University of Theatre Arts (GITIS), musical director of the studio of an Honored art worker of Russia – professor A.A.Barmack.

4. Alexei  Bolshakov – stage director, acting skills teacher in the Institute of Contemporary Arts, AMS by the Moscow State Conservatory P. I. Tchaikovsky.

5. Nicolai Rybinsky – an Honored cultural worker of the Russian Federation, musical expert, “Orpheus” radio station journalist, a member of the Union of journalists of the Russian Federation, spokesman of the Moscow organizing committee of the VII Byulbyul International Vocalists Competition

6. Leonid Zhivetsky (subject to agreement) – auditions director of the Bolshoi Theater opera company

7. Igor  Lazarev – an Honored artist of the Republic of Kalmykia, assistant of the head of chair in the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music (А.А.Naumenko), teacher

8. Valeria Golubeva – a vocal coach, was a soloist in the Sveshnikov State Academic Russian Choir and A.A. Yurlov choir chapel for many years

9. Valentina  Sharonova – an Honored artist of the Russian Federation, head of chair of solo department in the State Academy of Slavic Culture, professor, international contests prize winner

10. Vera Zhuravleva - People's artist of Russia, Maimonides State classical academy

11. Bogdan Hamperov – a winner of all-Russian and international contests, head of the vocal department of the S.S.Prokofiev Moscow Region musical college

12. Irina Sokolova – a winner of the Glinka international contest, soloist of the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra directed by D. Orlov, guest soloist of the Tatar State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Musa Jalil, and of the Saratov academic opera and ballet theatre.


An honorary member of the judging panel:

Alexander Naumenko – People's artist, head of chair of the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music


One of the main goals of our competition is to provide professional development for every participant and gain unique experience; that is why every competitor has the opportunity to get free advice from the member of the jury and make an appointment for the auditions, which is especially important for the students of the specialized secondary institutions who will have to choose higher educational institution, enter it and find the teacher in the near future.

Depending on the jury’s decision, the places and prizes may be divided among the participants or not awarded at all.

The jury makes decision following the voting and tally carried out in a close environment; the decision is not subject to any appeal.



The official partner of the contest is the symphony orchestra of the S.S.Prokofiev Moscow Region musical college, directed by Ilya  Reibarch; more details about the orchestra.



The contest winners will be awarded with the certificates of the Open international competition of the opera singers – New Opera World, and selected to take part in the Open opera festival - New Opera World.

What is the New Opera World festival?

Within one month (July, 2016), we produce three operas. Every direction consists of three casts: production directors, stage designers, conductors and performers. The result of the hard one-month-long work is three outstanding premieres. We select the contest winners to join one of our three directions.

All winners are invited to have auditions to the agent of the “Tact” international agency. “Tact” is a leading opera agency in Europe.

New Opera World agency offers professional recommendations to the winners concerning their repertoire and appropriate execution of documents for the auditions in Europe and the USA.

New Opera World has a personal database with the names of the contest winners. The winners from our database will also be considered as candidates to take part in the “Independent theater project” which will definitely offer the selected participants a priceless professional experience while working with the orchestra and voice part, as well as good career history for their CVs.



In order to take part in the contest, you need to pay the fee not later than the 14th of October, then download and fill in the form and send it to not later than the 16th of October, 2015!

You can download the form here

In case you didn’t receive the confirmation that your application had been submitted in two days after you sent it, call us at +7 929 579-86-40 and inform us about your application in person.



The entry fees for the contest are:

1) for the participants of the 1st group (specialized secondary education institutions) – 2000 Rubles

2) for the participants of the 2nd group (higher education institutions and certified graduates) – 2500 Rubles

The fee must be paid not later than the 14th of October, 2015! The participant can not take part in the contest without the fee paid.



You can pay the fees in the sum of 2000 and 2500 Rubles in any branch of the Joint-stock commercial Savings Bank of the Russian Federation (SBERBANK) by using the following details:


INN Taxpayer Identification Number 7 7 3 3 8 5 7 1 6 6

KPP Classifier of Industrial Enterprises 7 7 3 3 0 1 0 0 1

OGRN Principal State Registration Number 1 1 3 7 7 4 6 9 1 4 3 4 8

Current account 40702810500000001484 in JSCB “STRATEGIA” (PJSC)

BIC Bank Identifier Code 044525563, correspondent account 30101810145250000563 in Main office of the Bank of Russia in Central Federal District.



- The entry fee will not be refunded to the participants who missed the competition

- Travelling, accommodation and food costs are at the participant’s expense. The contest organizers can help you with the information about the budget-friendly accommodation in Moscow – read the details here.

- All rights for using audio and video materials of the contest participants are reserved to the Open competition of opera singers – “New Opera World”

Video materials are given to the participants on a free of charge basis

For international singers we have a translator!

 New Opera World