4 – 31 July 2016 


Eugene Onegin and Pagliacci























  • Gregory Buchalter – сonductor. Metropolitan Opera, Opera Fairbanks, Opera Las Vegas & Opera Camerata of Washington

  • Andrey Shlyachkov – сonductor. Moscow musical theatre "Helikon-Opera"

  • Francesco Massimi – сonductor. Coach from Teatro Lirico Sperimentale A. Belli


A program for vocalists


  1. Preparation of performances for the staging of Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin. For a month, you will daily participate in the staging of the great Russian opera Eugene Onegin. The conductor, orchestra, coaches and vocal teachers will all participate. At the end of the intensive work, you will take part in a colourful premiere at one of the famous Moscow stages. Journalists, musicologists and music experts will all be invited.

  2. Studying Russian chamber music with famous Russian romance performers (master classes). At the end of the study, there will be a solo performance at an evening gathering for the Russian romance (Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov) at the Tchaikovsky State House-Museum in Klin city.

  3. Working on vocal techniques with stars from the Bolshoi Theatre (private lessons).

  4. Working on Russian pronunciation during performances of the Eugene Onegin opera and during romances (coaching, individually for participant).

  5. Individual work with the director on acting skills based on Stanislavsky technique.

  6. Auditions at agents from European and Russian theatres.

  7. Participation in professional theatre rehearsals. The staging will involve stage designers, costume designers, makeup artists and light & sound artists. Therefore, participants will receive experience with all members of the professional theatre team

  8. A master class titled "How to prove yourself to an agent to get a lucrative contract". Agents and casting directors from the best Russian and European theatres are invited. You will be able to ask all your questions in person.

  9. Auditions for European and Russian agents.

  10. Excursion to historical places in Moscow. Visit to Chaliapin House Museum and Lemeshev House Museum. Excursion to the legendary Bolshoi Theatre and to the best sites in Moscow.

  11. Gala concert. All participants will perform at the final gala concert at one of the Moscow venues.


OPERA SUMMER FESTIVAL NEW OPERA WORLD offers all talented opera singers the opportunity to acquire a unique experience in the production of the great Russian opera; the experience of a live performance with orchestra in front of an experienced audience. Acquire professional skills working with the conductor and director, which you can’t acquire from any educational institution. Plunge into the atmosphere of a professional theatre. Get valuable pieces of advice from agents and casting directors. Take a new step on your way to the big stage!

Acceptance of applications starts from 1st March 2016.

All theatrical performances will be recorded on video and given to participants as a professional report on their orchestra work on the stage.





















Our team:

Makvala Kasrashvili – Soprano. Assistant to Music Director & Chief Conductor, Bolshoi Theatre

Irina Dolzhenko – Mezzo–soprano, Bolshoi Theatre. Casting director, Krasnoyarsk Opera

Аlexey Bolshakov – Stage director, Tchaikovsky College of Music



  • Valeria Sokolova, Russian Academy of Theatre Arts, Moscow.

  • Sergey Semenov, Main Acomponist, Helikon Opera Theatre, Moscow                  


Agents and Master classes:

  • Robert Körner , Casting Director, Opera national de Lyon , France.

  • Oliver Kretschmer, agent from TACT management, Berlin

  • Olga Kapanina, Stage Director, agent from Mikhaylovski Theatre, St. Petersburg

  • Francesco Massimi, Coach from Opera Theatre Spoletto, Academia La slala.


How to apply for participation

Please submit the following by e-mail newoperaworld@gmail.com no later than 10th of May 2016:

  1. CV

  2. Desired role

  3. Video link

  • You need to send 2 contrast arias of your choice in 2 different languages.

  • We accept both professional and amateur video – video taken in a class, or  on the stage,  or at home. But it must be accompanied with live accompaniment.

  • Aria or romance in Russian language is welcome. The aria  from desired roles you are applying for is also welcome.


Participation cost

Training cost: $2 500

50 % you have to pay after confirmation of participation , 50 % not late June 1


Our team will be glad to help you to organize all your trip (tickets, accommodation) and fill all Visa details

Accommodation at a historic centre, close to the rehearsal venue.

 Please note, that the amount of first payment (50% from total sum) is not refundable. 




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Young artists program


Francesco Massimi


Gregory Buchalter


Andrey Shlyachkov

Casting director of Bolshoi Theatre

Irina Dolzhenko

Casting Director, Lyon.

Robert Körner

Chief Conductor of Bolshoi Theatre

Makvala Kasrashvili