10.07 – 06.08 | 2017


16.07 – 12.08 | 2018


 Summer Opera Festival in Moscow

Young artists programme  "New Opera World"

16.07 – 12.08 | 2018


Dear opera soloists, instrumentalists and accompanists!

Are you dreaming to perform on stage, but you are lack of practice?

Don't know how to get the audition for the casting-director?

Do you want to be heard?

Do you want to receive unique knowledges of the great Russian school of acting technique and to touch by yourself the great legacy of the Russian opera music with the most professional and experienced Russian coaches and teachers?


Then we know how to help! Take a new step on your way to the big stage!


  • Offers all talented opera singers the opportunity to acquire a unique experience in the productions of the great Russian and French operas

  • Combines intensive courses with the performing practice in the same place at the same time

  • Invites the best russian and european coaches, vocal teachers, conductors and directors in order to perfect your skills

  • Prepares for you the theatrical stage, where you will perform in the professional opera Production with the orchestra, scenery, lights, costumes – unique offer which you can’t acquire from any educational institution

  • ​Applauses of the experienced audience, extensive media coverage, positive reviews, that will be helpful in your promotion, simultaneous audition for the renowned casting-directors, getting valuable pieces of advice from agents and casting directors – all of that is provided by your participation in our Summer Festival!

  • Apart from that, all theatrical performances will be recorded on video and given to participants as a professional report on their orchestra work on the stage

  • Bright professional CV, new contacts, letters of recommendation, and the most important – plunge into the atmosphere of a professional theatre and unforgettable experience of working on professional stage​

 Programme for vocalists


  • Preparing of chosen operatic part  from Rimsky-Korsakov’s Tsar's bride or Bizet's Carmen for the staging. For a month, you will daily participate in the staging of one of the great operas mentioned above. The conductor, orchestra, coaches and vocal teachers will all participate. At the end of the intensive work, you will take part in a colourful premiere at prestigious Moscow Chamber Stage of Bolshoi Theatre named after B.A. Pokrovsky. Journalists, musicologists and music experts will all be invited.

  • Studying Russian chamber music with famous Russian romance performers (master classes). At the end of the study, there will be a solo performance devoted to the Russian romance (Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov).

  • Working on vocal technique with the stars from the Bolshoi Theatre, Helikon Opera (private lessons).

  • Working on the Russian pronunciation during the rehearsals of the Tsar's bride opera and romances (coaching, individually for participant). Individual work with the director on acting skills based on Stanislavsky technique.

  • Participation in professional theatrical rehearsals. The staging will involve stage designers, costume designers, makeup artists and light & sound artists. Therefore, participants will receive experience with all members of the professional theatrical team.

  • Master - class titled "How to represent yourself to an agent to get an exclusive contract". Agents and casting directors from the best Russian and European theatres are invited. You will be able to ask all your questions in person.

  • Auditions for the European and Russian agents.

  • City excursions to the most remarkable sights of Moscow (help in providing detailed information).

Programme for instrumentalists

  • Unique experience of studying and performing of the Russian operatic repertoire under the guidance of the renowned Russian conductor, within the best traditions of Russian conducting school.

  • Thorough studying of the score of “Carmen” with the French conductor.

  • Opportunity of your performing at the prestigious Moscow stage of the Chamber Musical Opera Theatre named after B.Pokrovsky (currently Chamber Stage of the Bolshoi Theatre, where all the Premieres will be held).

  • Master-class presented by Haik Kazazyan (violin).

  • Master-class presented by Igor Fedorov (clarinet).

  • Acquisition of the new professional contacts and the business connections.

  • Letters of recommendation from our conductors.

  • Certificate of passing the Internship.

  • Accommodation in the center of Moscow.

  • and the most important – unforgettable impressions of the communication with the like-minded people and the teamwork with the high level professionals!

*Don’t forget to take into consideration, that the Internship in Russia costs much cheaper in comparison with European prices, but the quality and the level of the provided educational services conform to the requirements of highest international standard.



  • violin

  • viola

  • cello

  • contrabass

  • oboe

  • flute

  • clarinet

  • bassoon

  • trumpet

  • French horn

  • trombone

  • tuba

  • harp

  • percussions

Programme for accompanists:

  • Passing the Internship under the guidance of the leading pianists (accompanists) of the project

  • Practical work with the opera conductors (Adrien Perruchon, Аyrat Kashaev)

  • Practical work with the singers (soloists and artists of choir)

  • Practical work during the lessons with the coaches from Bolshoi Theatre 

  • Practical work at the performances with the stage directors

  • Master-class presented by Yuri Rozum (piano)

  • Practice at master-classes by the casting-directors for the vocalists 

  • Video-record for your professional Portfolio

  • Letters of recommendation from accompanists, conductors, stage directors

  • Certificate of passing the Internship

* Don’t forget to take into consideration, that the Internship in Russia costs much cheaper in comparison with European prices, but the quality and the level of the provided educational services conform to the requirements of highest international standard



Adrien Perruchon Opera Koln, Theater Champs-Elysees, LA Philharmonic, Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg, Symfonieorkest Vlaanderen, Tokyo Orchestra and others

Ayrat Kashaev Chamber Musical Theatre named after B.A. Pokrovsky, Moscow Musical Theatre «Helikon-Оpera»


Natalia Dudik coach-pianist, Mikhailovsky Theatre (Russia)

Olga Kapanina casting-director of the Bolshoi Theatre (Russia)

Robert Körner casting-director of Opéra National de Lyon (France)

Igor Fedorov clarinetist, Laureate of national and international competitions (Russia)

Kira Parfeevets vocal coach-pianist in Académie Internationale de Musique Française Michel Plasson (France)

  Vocal teachers:

Sergey Chechetko Laureate of International Competitions, Member of The Union of composers of Russia and France, Accompanist, Helikon Opera Theatre, Moscow

Sergey Semenov Laureate of International Competitions, Main Accompanist, Helikon Opera Theatre, Moscow

Andrey Tsvetkov-Tolbin Winner of the contest of directors of the "NANO-OPERA"(2015) Moscow Chamber Opera Theatre named after B.A. Pokrovsky, stage director in Gnessin Russian Academy of Music

Irina Samoylova soprano, Laureate of the International Competitions, soloist of Moscow Musical Theatre "Helikon-Opera"

Emma Sarkissyan Mezzo-Soprano, People's Artist of Russia, soloist of the Bolshoi Theatre, soloist of Moscow Theatre Novaya Opera,  professor of the GITIS

How to apply for participation:

Please submit the following by e-mail newoperaworld@gmail.com

Acceptance of applications starts from January 20th 2018

Deadline: 15th of May 2018 (could be announced earlier this date in case of full cast is already completed)

1. CV (for all)

2. Operatic part you would like to perform (only for vocalists)

(you may choose a part from both of represented operas, i.e. all the parts from "Carmen" are also available for your consideration)

3. Video link for vocalists


  • You should send 2 contrast arias by your choice written in 2 different languages.

  • We accept both professional and amateur videos (video taken in a class, or on stage,  or at home). But it has to be accompanied by the live instrument.

  • Aria or romance in Russian language is welcome.  Aria from the operatic part you are applying for is also welcome.

3a. Video link for instrumentalists and accompanists:

      You should send references to the video-records of the 2 contrast pieces.

In the subject line of the e-mail please indicate “Vocalist" or "Instrumentalist" or "Accompanist” 


Participation cost:

 Training cost for vocalists: Euro 2.000

          for instrumentalists: Euro 200

              for accompanists: Euro 500

50 % you have to pay after the confirmation of your participation , and the rest 50 % not late than the 1st of June 2018.

Our team would be pleased to assist you to organize your travel (tickets, accommodation) and to fill all the required documents in order to apply for Visa.

One of the option regarding the accommodation could be a shared room in a student Hostel (200 Euro per 1 month)



Please note, that the amount of the first payment (50% from total sum) is not refundable.