1st July - 31th July, 2019

For the attention of students of Conservatories, 

Senior courses of musical colleges and young professionals of the next following categories:

Opera soloists 

Assistant conductors

Orchestral musicians (all the instruments)




2 Great operas

4 weeks of intense trainings with prestigious coaches

8 performances 

on the Chamber Stage of Bolshoi Theatre named after B.Pokrovsky

Master-classes and auditions

We open the registration for the international internship in Moscow

4th Annual Opera-Symphonic Laboratory «New Opera World 2019»

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1st July - 31st July 2019 

«Iolanta» by P. Tchaikovsky &

«Suor Angelica» by G.Puccini


Program for the vocalists:


  • Preparation of a role in the Production of «Iolanta» (P. Tchaikovsky) or «Suor Angelica» (G.Puccini) under the direction of conductor, stage director, vocal teacher. We provide extensive media coverage (the press and TV sources) for all the Premier performances.

  • Voice technique guidance with the stars of the Bolshoi Theater.

  • Work on Italian or Russian pronunciation of your part in one of the selected operas.

  • Individual lessons with the stage director based on the Stanislavsky System of acting.

  • Participation in full-stage theatrical rehearsals, where all professional team will be involved - scenographers, costume designers, make-up artists, light and sound designers. So the trainees will receive real experience of the interaction with all the members participating in professional stage Production.

  • Masterclass «Presentation to an artistic agent and how to get the contract». Agents and casting-directors from leading Russian and European theatres will be invited for a masterclass. All the questions you are interested in, could be asked in person during the meeting.

  • Audition in presence of Russian and European artistic agents.

  • Certificate of passing the Internship.

Краска Абстрактный розовый

Program for the instrumentalists:


  • Unique experience of studying and performing of the  Russian operatic repertoire  under the guidance of the renowned Russian conductor, within the best traditions of Russian conducting school.

  • Thorough studying of the score of «Suor Angelica» with the highly experienced European conductor.

  • Opportunity of your performing on Chamber Stage of the Bolshoi Theatre, where all the Premieres will be held.

  • Master-classes presented by the leading Russian instrumental performers - Igor Fyodorov (clarinet) and the others.

  • Acquisition of the new professional contacts and the business connections.

  • Letters of recommendation from our conductors.

  • Certificate of passing the Internship.

  • Accommodation in the center of Moscow.

  • and the most important – unforgettable impressions of the communication with the like-minded people and the teamwork with the high level professionals!


Available positions:

  • violin

  • viola

  • cello

  • contrabass

  • oboe

  • flute

  • clarinet

Краска Абстрактный розовый
  • bassoon

  • trumpet

  • French horn

  • trombone

  • tuba

  • harp

  • percussions

Program for the pianists-accompanists:


  • Practical training under the guidance of leading pianists (accompanists) of the project.

  • Practical work with the conductors of the project.

  • Practical work with the singers.

  • Practical work on the lessons of vocalists with the teachers from the Bolshoi Theatre.

  • Practical work with stage directors at the performances. 

  • Masterclasses presented by the leading Russian pianists-coaches - Natalia Dudik (piano) and the others

  • Practice at masterclasses for the vocalists, presented by the casting-directors of the leading Russian and European opera houses.

  • Concert of pianists-trainees.

  • Video for your portfolio.

  • Letters of recommendation from project accompanists, conductors, stage directors.

  • Certificate of passing the Internship.

Краска Абстрактный розовый

Program for the assistant conductors:

(only 2 places are available)


  • Assistant conductor passes the practice within the joint work with one of the principal conductors of the project.

  • Dress rehearsal on stage of the whole performance or on certain scenes (by agreement with the main conductor). To fix the results of your individual work, video recording (including professional) of the dress rehearsal is allowed.

  • Personal practice of work with the orchestra.

  • Joint and individual work with the singers (incl. choir soloists).

  • Practice at combined rehearsals (orchestra, singers, stage director).

  • Assistance in creating your personal portfolio (video record of the rehearsal on stage of the Theatre).

  • Letters of recommendation.

  • Certificate of passing the Internship.

Краска Абстрактный розовый

Our team:



Ivo MEINEN (Netherlands)

Artem DAVIDOV (Helikon-Opera, Moscow)

Stage directors:

Andrey TSVETKOV-TOLBIN (Bolshoi Theatre)

Alexander LEGCHAKOV (Prize-winner of III National Opera Award «Onegin»)

Vocal teachers:


(mezzo-soprano, Bolshoi Theatre, Novaya Opera, Moscow)

Irina SAMOILOVA (soprano, Helikon-Opera, Moscow)

Coaches & Masterclasses:

Natalia DUDIK

(coach-pianist, Mikhailovsky Theatre, Saint-Petersburg)


(clarinet, Laureate of the International Competitions, Moscow)


(accompanist, Helikon-Opera, Moscow)


(accompanist, Helikon-Opera, Moscow)



(Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow)


(Théâtre National d'Opéra de Lyon, Wiener Staatsoper (contract signed from 2020)


Languages of the Opera Laboratory:


The main working language will be Russian, but a professional translator from Russian into English will be present at all stages of the project. Some fluency in English is desirable. However, experience shows that even without good skills in those languages, students get well-integrated into the working process. The two selected operas will be performed in their original languages: Iolanta - in Russian and Suor Angelica - in Italian.

Краска Абстрактный розовый



The prices indicated below include administrative and educational costs, but do not include travel expenses: visa, transport, accommodation.


Assistant conductors: 2000 €

Vocalists (leading roles): 3000 €

Vocalists (all the other roles): 2500 €

Orchestral musicians: 1000 €

Pianists-Accompanists: 1200 €


NB: First payment equals 50% of the total sum should be paid after the confirmation of your participation and the other half - before June 1, 2019. Please note that in the case of the cancellation of your participation the amount of the first payment (50% of the total amount) is not refundable. After June 1, 2019 the second payment also becomes non-refundable. By executing the payment into the company’s bank account you agree with the above-mentioned conditions based on public offer contract.

Visa, transport, accommodation, meals:



New Opera World company doesn’t cover this line of expenses. But we can assist you any time, providing some good advices. We can also help by information concerning the details of getting the Visa. Please, take into consideration that the only Visa you need and should apply for is tourist visa! It’s the most guaranteed, easy and fast way of getting Russian visa. The goal of travel should be indicated as tourism accordingly. The whole procedure takes around 90 days, so please don’t forget to collect the whole set of documents beforehand. Don’t hesitate to write us/call us in case of any questions or obstacles. 



All types of transport can be used. With three major airports, Moscow is accessible by all types of flights: direct or transfer, scheduled or charter. As this is the tourist season, it is highly recommended to purchase your transport tickets in advance, preferably before the end of May - beginning of June.



You are also free to choose accommodation in Moscow according to your personal preferences. Do not hesitate to use the apartments (instead of hotels), provided by individual sellers (type airbnb), or the wide net of hostels that could be also very comfortable, not expensive and perfectly located. Moscow is safe place and Russians are famous for their hospitality.


Our Laboratory also offers an accommodation provided by our partner-hostel, located in the centre of Moscow (approx. 300 € per month; 10 € per day). Please let us know beforehand, during the request for the participation, if you consider to use this our offer.



Moscow is a very friendly touristic city with lots of cafes and restaurants that are able to satisfy all the tastes and size of wallets, especially in the center. As for meal prices - even if they more or less coincide with standard European rates, you will easily find very economical plans. In addition to this, the housing plans proposed assume a possibility of cooking "at home". Here are some examples of cafes near the Chamber Stage of Bolshoi Theatre named after B.Pokrovsky (1 € is about 75-80 rubles):

Mumu (https://www.cafemumu.ru/upload/Menu-web-ENG.pdf), Varenichnaya (http://varenichnaya.ru/dostavka/popular/), Burgermeister (https://www.burgermeister.ru/doc/lang/), Rucola (http://rucola.com.ru/wp-content/uploads/2018/osn_menu_polej_eng.pdf.)

Краска Абстрактный розовый

Dates and deadlines:


Accepting and processing of the applications: 

from 1 January, 2019

End of processing of the applications:

April 30, 2019

Terms of the Laboratory:

From July 1st till July 31st, 2019


July 1st - July 23rd, 2019


Suor Angelica 24-25-26 (two performances), July 2019

Iolanta 29-30-31 (two performances), July, 2019


How to apply:



Send your datas to the e-mail newoperaworld@gmail.com by putting in the subject of the message «Singer», «Instrumentalist», «Accompanist» or «Assistant conductor».

Cover letter

Should contain your CV in English (for all)



Indicate in the subject of the message and in cover letter your name (1), the role you would like to perform in one of the proposed operas (2), your home city (country)(3)

Video recording (links) - two opera arias, instrumental accompaniment "live" is obligatory (4).

Records should be not older than 2 years old. Videos, recorded in class, on stage or at home are accepted.

Indicate all your contact details: e-mail, mobile number skype, viber, whatsapp etc.


Instrumentalists and Pianists-accompanists: 

Indicate in the subject of the message and in cover letter your name (1), the instrument you play (2), your home city (country)(3).

Two video clips (or links) with 2 contrasting pieces, showing the candidate's level of technique and expression (4). 

Indicate your contact details: e-mail, mobile number skype, viber, whatsapp etc.


Assistant conductors:

Indicate in the subject of the message and in cover letter your name (1), title of the Opera Production - Iolanta OR Suor Angelica (only one could be selected) you would like to work at during the internship (2), your home city (country)(3).

Indicate your contact details: e-mail, mobile number skype, viber, whatsapp etc.


 2. FINAL CONFIRMATION of your application

Wait for our confirmation by e-mail of your candidacy.

Please notice, that the list of vacancies will be reduced as the applications are validated.



E-mails: newoperaworld@gmail.com 



Mobile numbers: (viber, whatsapp)

+7 (929) 579-86-40 Anna

+7 (985) 773-81-62 Kate


Our official site:



Follow the updates in our social pages:



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Feedbacks of our participants and audience:


Ivan Markov (opera soloist, Moscow, Russia)

«It’s incredible. This project is unique for Russia and I believe that it’s just a beginning! You’ve made a great work»

Imma Masramone (opera soloist, Barcelona, Spain)

«I feel lucky to work with high-level professionals! Thank you!»

Erulan Kamal (opera soloist, Astana, Kazakhstan)

«We have been guided, we have been taught how to represent yourself for the agents. Thank you for the amazing project!»

Anastasia Chumakova (artist of choir, Moscow)

«The best rest for me is a change of activity!… I decided to distract from jazz and romances and to participate in the opera Production! And now, thanks to the 4-weeks intensive immersion into opera at the summer opera-symphonic laboratory New Opera World 2017, I acquired lots of interesting acquaintances, rich working experience in the Theatre and two such excellent certificates as the artist of the choir and as a soloist of the choir. Many thanks to the organizers of this wonderful project… and to everyone who took part in it!

Bravo!!! Special thanks I kept for our choir director Ekaterina Zaboronok! Katya, thank you for the invitation and for the spiritual atmosphere, created in our team!»

Maxim Sudarev (opera soloist, Khanty-Mansiysk)

 «That's it, everything has ended) A wonderful stage experience, a difficult scene, a very cool director Andrei Tsvetkov, a wonderful conductor Adrien Perucchon… all together - it’s my opera debut and new horizons of creativity) I am very happy, thank you!»

Anton Varentsov (opera soloist, Moscow)

 «I had three happy days ... Three days in a row of «Carmen!» New role - Dankayro. Now I’ve got two of them in this opera. Thanks to all the guys, to the whole team of #NewOperaWorld. That was unforgettable! I will keep these memories and this experience!… Experience and friendship remaining after such events are the most valuable!»

Margarita Dolgonenkova (opera soloist, Ulyanovsk)

 «A little more photos from the performance. Thanks to the whole team of “New opera world”, to all my lovely guys. This month became for me the coolest, the most exciting in my life. Love you all!»

Снимок экрана 2016-09-30 в 13.05.53.png

Margarita Bakurina (accompanist, Moscow)

 «…We worked a little less than a month and the result was 2 productions (3 performances in each)… We got a complete immersion into the work of musical theatre. It was a joy to run every morning to the rehearsals, because so many people being in love with their work, spent the whole days long, putting all their efforts into the common result, not only surprised me, but made me shaken by it! Something unforgettable happened to us, we all became a big family for that time. I haven’t realized yet that everything is over, but I have a firm confidence that we will meet again both on the life and professional paths of each other, because the world is so cramped, and the music one is absolutely tiny! Thanks to everyone involved! It was cool!»

Alexandra Shilko (accompanist, St. Petersburg)

 «In the grand projects to reach enough number of accompanists will never be possible!)))… This project gives a great experience to an accompanist who dreams about participating in the theatrical performances, shows all the difficulties of our work; appears the endurance in playing of opera scores, especially in stressful situations. All the people from the project are very friendly, purposeful, active and talented. I am inspired by the work of stage directors and conductors. How everyone, piece by piece, collects the “puzzle” of the opera, and finally on the stage we see an excellent result.

I wish all the project participants great success and inspiration!» 

Grigory Nechaev (assistant conductor, Moscow)

 «Anna, I conducted my part of the dress rehearsal! I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful project and such an opportunity! I love the Chamber Stage very much, I’m very glad that my conductor’s debut happened right here! Good luck to you and your project! I hope to become your regular customer, keep me informed about your plans!»

Grigory Korolev (assistant conductor, Moscow)

«How to live live without it? Two weeks have already passed since the last performance of “The Tsar's Bride” at the Chamber Stage. What are the sensations?… Happiness. Inspiration. Pleasure. Light sadness. And the thirst for MORE!»

Valeria Kalinina (artist of the choir, Volgograd)

«I want to say «thanks» to Moscow! It changed us and gave us a gift - the happiness that every person experienced! All thanks to the project @new_opera_world, which gave us an opportunity to feel theatrical life, which gathered together amazing, professional and creative mentors! BIG THANKS to the stage directors @andrey_tsvetkov_tolbin and @sergkhatskevich for the passionate «Carmen», to maestro @adrien_perruchon for graceful French language and wonderful music, to stage directors @bertenpolina and @ dimidroll08 for the touching “The Tsar's Bride”, to conductors @ayratkashaev and @ gkorolev.art for the creativity and communication, it’s a pure pleasure to work with you! And also thanks to our choirmaster @ekaterinazaboronok and @karinaroshchina, who both did a great job! I love you!»


Valeria Zelenskaya (opera soloist, Okha, Sakhalin region)

«It’s the whole team of us all! And this is great! You make us believe that we can do everything!»

Tatyana Ovsyannikova (opera soloist, Astrakhan)

 «Anna, good evening! I am writing to you from the Komi Republic! Thanks to your project, I was accepted to the Theatre of opera and ballet, without participating in your project, I think it would be unrealistic))) as I said in the interview - the place did not matter to me, but experience is important and I hope to get it in this Theatre) Thank you and good luck in promoting young talents!»

Svetlana Prusskaya (artist of the choir, Moscow)

«The premiere was great! Classical staging with the help of talent and a fresh sight of the participants of the Laboratory has played for the audience with such new colours that it has been seen in one breath. Tomorrow and on Saturday will be 2 shows more - new soloists, international team, new reading of your own role... Every evening is unique!»

Oleg Krapchetov (opera soloist, Moscow)

«Today I sang the performance «Le nozze di Figaro», the role of the Count with wonderful colleagues and maestro Stephen Lorenzo Kremer. This is an unforgettable experience and delight! Bravi!»

Victoria Bochkareva (accompanist, Belgorod)

«Bright and intense month of music came to its end, a month of endless creativity and professional development. I am very grateful to the organizers and mentors who accompanied us and helped us during this whole month, they taught me a lot in such a short time. I was also very glad to get acquainted with all the participants of the laboratory. You are all very cool and interesting people. Thank you all for this wonderful month!!!»

Ivan Bulankin (trumpet, member of the orchestra, Rostov)

«It’s the last «Carmen», finally. And the Tsar's Bride is ahead. Insanely grateful to our conductor @adrien_perruchon, for the fact that my first experience in the opera staging was unforgettable.»

Tamara Zhukova (contrabass, member of the orchestra, Moscow)

«The best summer spent playing the contrabass in the New Opera World orchestra. And the hardest). We did three performances of «Carmen»! thank you @adrien_perruchon for the incredible experience.»

Matvey Coloida (trombone, orchestra member, Moscow)

«That's all ..... # NOW2018 It was a wonderful journey into the world of opera music. Thanks to everyone!!!! #basstrombone»

Galina Raimova (spectator)

 «On August 11, the participants of the creative laboratory «New Opera World» presented an opportunity for all who came to penetrate into the very heart of opera art. The «Tsar's Bride» of Rimsky-Korsakov in their interpretation touched both the experienced opera experts and those who heard the opera for the first time. And this has ben evidenced not only by hot discussions during the intermission and loud ovations at the end of the performance, but also by the amazing atmosphere of belonging to the dramatic events that were taking place on stage, which captured all the spectators.

The heartfelt music of Rimsky-Korsakov, the beauty of the interpretation, the wonderful Russian costumes of Vyacheslav Zaitsev, all this was talently woven into a single tragic, but very bright story, by stage director Polina Berten. It was listened, felt and seen in one breath… It is very important if this project would have a continuation and would open up the possibility, including the residents of the regions, to be involved into Russian culture and Russian art. Thanks, Polina, for such a wonderful opportunity to see and to listen to all of this! My sister and me are both impressed!»

Краска Абстрактный розовый

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